We are so thankful for the outstanding services

“In the summer of 2008 our son Caleb, 9 years old, failed an eye exam at his pediatrician. This prompted us to set up an appointment at an optometrist. During this exam, the optometrist was having a hard time finding the right lenses that would help Caleb see clearly. She noticed that when he is tested with one eye covered he did well. She stated that he had conversion insufficiency. This is something that we had never heard of but the optometrist stated she would give him some glasses and after several months he should be doing better with a possibility of not (needing) the glasses. My wife wanted to find out more about this condition and started doing research (on) the internet. After many searches (on different) sites she found a small amount of information on the condition. She found that the treatment that the optometrist stated was not actually correct. She found a study that detailed the preferred treatment and the different executions. This study stated that better results were found with in-office and home therapy. She visited a site and found a listing of registered doctors that treated this condition. The list for San Antonio was not long and much was not updated information. Here we found Dr. Bloom. My wife spoke to Dr. Bloom and a couple of other offices. After my wife spoke with Dr. Bloom we knew where we needed to take our son. Dr. Bloom was very informative, very comforting and provided resources to find out more information.

On our first visit with Dr. Bloom he let us know that it would be an extensive evaluation. He spoke with my wife and my son. He made it very comfortable for my son. We finished the evaluation and set up a follow-up appointment to go over the results. During the follow-up appointment, Dr. Bloom informed us of the several different issues that were going on with Caleb. Everything he described explained why our son was having certain issues at school. Dr. Bloom explained each condition and explained the therapy that he could do to help correct the problem. Then we discussed the cost. Dr. Bloom was very up front about some insurance not covering the treatment. He helped us understand the possible costs and even though it would be costly we were willing to do anything to help our son and we knew Dr. Bloom was the right person.

Since we were eager to start helping our son out we asked how soon we could start. Dr. Bloom had a full schedule for the rest of the year but understanding our eagerness to help our son he figured out how to fit us into his busy schedule. This was the time frame of Thanksgiving and Christmas and Dr. Bloom was working extra to work us into his schedule. Every step of the way Dr. Bloom was very willing to help, bend his schedule and made our son feel very comfortable. After several months we could really start seeing the difference in Caleb. My son even stated that he could see much better now. After 6 months of treatment, Dr. Bloom had (helped) Caleb be able to read better, see better and process information better. My wife and I truly believe that Dr. Bloom is a blessing to us and our son. He is the perfect example of what a doctor should be: knowledgeable, understanding, flexible and caring. Since we have informed my son’s school of the condition and treatments that Dr. Bloom provides and it was greatly appreciated. They helped identify another child with the condition.

We are so thankful for the outstanding services, support and care that Dr. Bloom has provided to my son and our family. We have recommended and will continue to recommend you to others.”

G.E. & L.E., VT Parents