We could not be happier with the results

“Our son received Vision Therapy at Dr. Bloom’s office recently and we could not be happier with the results and the help we received from Dr. Bloom and Keasha. He is in first grade right now and previous to working on his convergence insufficiency he was really struggling with reading and it was becoming a real problem. We were very frustrated with it and really needed some help. After a few months of vision therapy, we were absolutely amazed at the difference we saw in Alex. He was not only able to read so much better but was absolutely thrilled to do so. Every time we went somewhere in the car he would read every sign he saw and was so proud of himself for doing so. Alex loved coming to vision therapy twice a week and absolutely never saw it as a chore. Keasha’s excitement and enthusiasm for working with him were just what he needed and we cannot even express how much we appreciate how wonderful the sessions were with her. Dr Bloom also always made Alex feel so special and loved there. He and Keasha have a true passion for what they do and it shows. We are so thankful for this “new” child that we have and know that without vision therapy he would be a very frustrated reader who would really struggle to keep up in school. But instead we have a very confident reader who is performing right on level in school and is doing so well!! Thank you Dr. Bloom and Keasha, you have changed our lives for the better.”


Bryan & Angela, VT Parents