1. This is one of the best things that we could have ever done

    "Our son was reading after he completed first grade but he was reading so painfully slow that it was shocking that any comprehension was taking place at all. He certainly didn’t enjoy reading at all. He was bored in class and tuned out much of the time. During the summer following first grade, he was diagnosed with ADD, but was not prescribed medications, nor was it necessary for him to have any…Read More

    Edward, Lanette, and Haden
  2. Fiona and Holly VT Interview

    "We cannot believe the progress she has made and how much of a difference it has made in her life. With homework, with reading, and joy with reading, she is finally finding joy in reading. She is flying through books, and homework and her grades have soared! It is not a painful struggle to do homework at night so we are just amazed!"…Read More

  3. Vision Therapy Success Story. VisualEyes Therapy Center @ EyeWorks

    Melia and her mother offer their feedback after 21 weeks of our integrative vision and occupational therapy approach. "I can read words a lot better without skipping lines and I enjoy reading more than I usually do."…Read More