1. They make things 99.9% better.

    "Griffin got his prism glasses yesterday. So far so good. He said, "They make things 99.9% better." He said he's not seeing double anymore close up but only a slight shadow. His reading with the glasses was almost unbelievable. I took a video of him reading with and without them....amazing difference. Thank you for your help with Griffin." Before After    …Read More

    Laura R, VT Parent
  2. We couldn’t be more impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and loving support

    "We are so thankful to Dr. Bloom and Keasha for all they have done to help our son, Alex. We couldn't be more impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and loving support. They have made a world of difference for our son! At the end of Alex's second grade school year, we became increasingly concerned about how he was going to manage the demands placed upon him in third grade. (He attends a privat…Read More

    Tanya, VT Parent
  3. This is one of the best things that we could have ever done

    "Our son was reading after he completed first grade but he was reading so painfully slow that it was shocking that any comprehension was taking place at all. He certainly didn’t enjoy reading at all. He was bored in class and tuned out much of the time. During the summer following first grade, he was diagnosed with ADD, but was not prescribed medications, nor was it necessary for him to have any…Read More

    Edward, Lanette, and Haden, VT Family