Your vision is essential in almost every aspect of your life, and here at the Center for Vision Enhancement in San Antonio, we are dedicated to helping you use your vision both efficiently and accurately. Vision therapy is designed to enhance the neurological connection between the brain and the eyes, allowing the brain to interpret the images it receives accurately. Good eyesight is more than just about strengthening the eyes, and having a healthy eye-brain connection is key. Here, you will find articles focused on vision therapy, and we hope that they provide you with the information you need. To learn more about vision therapy, and to find out if it’s the right option for you or your child, contact us!

  1. Ways You Damage Your Eyes

    Your eyes are an extremely important tool to see the world around you. They are quite possibly the most important part of your body, in that they are used as an essential mechanism for perception and spatial awareness. Something you may not know about your eyes is that they are easily damaged, and o…Read More

  2. Food that are Good for Your Child’s Eyes

    It is no surprise that food is good for the body, especially growing ones! Whatever your kids eat houses important nutrients that can be used to strengthen their bodies to fight disease. However, certain foods are better than others, and do more for certain parts of their bodies. For example, certai…Read More

  3. There’s More to Vision Than Eyesight

    People often use the terms "vision" and "eyesight" interchangeably, but there's more to vision than eyesight. When most people think of great vision, they automatically think of 20/20 eyesight. However, vision also has to do with the way that your eyes focus, interpret information, perceive depth an…Read More

  4. Why All Children With ADD/ADHD or Adverse Academic Behaviors Should Have a Binocular Vision Examination

    File this one under "I couldn't have said it any better myself." If you haven't discovered the Vision Help Blog, it is a great resource of leading vision therapy doctors across the country. The blog posts are often geared towards other developmental/behavioral optometrists, but for those folks looki…Read More