Are you experiencing dizziness, headache/migraine, TBI/concussion, nausea, neck pain, reading problems, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD? Your eyes may be to blame, and neuro-vision rehabilitation can restore balance and change your life!


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What Your Eyes May Be Experiencing

You might be suffering from a condition known as Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD). With BVD, there is a slight misalignment of the eyes where one eye sees something different than the other eye. The brain tries to correct this by overcompensating and severely straining the eye muscles, causing the symptoms of BVD.

How We Diagnose BVD

Traditional eye doctors test your eyes to determine how well each eye can see (visual acuity), which does not give a complete picture of how your visual system works with your balance system. Dr. Deviney’s team specializes in testing your eye’s ability to work together as a team (binocular vision). The smallest amount of eye misalignment can cause symptoms that lead to BVD.

What Is The Solution?

Vision Therapy of San Antonio patients undergo a thorough Neuro Optometric Vision Evaluation, including assessments for small amounts of eye misalignment, balance testing, and depth perception.

Problems with near vision, far vision, and alignment can be corrected with special lenses and/or optometric rehabilitation. Much like physical therapy for the body, optometric therapy takes you through a series of specialized exercises that retrains the brain and eyes to work together smoothly, thus eliminating symptoms.

Our experienced staff is trained in working with patients who have experienced head trauma from: concussions, motor vehicle accidents, strokes, falls, brain surgeries, and other injuries to the head. We also specialize in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and motion sickness.

Signs And Symptoms Of BVD

  • Headaches / Migraines (especially with visual tasks)
  • Motion sickness / Dizziness / Nausea
  • Vertigo / Balance problems
  • Stroke
  • Light / Sound sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to busy environments (such as the grocery store or loud restaurants)
  • Meniere’s / Inner ear disorder
  • Closing or covering an eye while reading or driving
  • Double vision
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Panic attacks (especially while driving)
  • Clumsiness (poor depth perception)
  • Head tilt / Neck pain
  • ADHD / ADD / Dyslexia
  • Difficulty reading / Concentrating

How Vision Therapy Changed Dawn’s Life

“I came to VTSA skeptical as to if there was any ‘eye’ therapy that could relieve the vertigo/dizziness episodes I experienced. I certainly was hopeful but skeptical. Fast forward several months and I truly feel this has changed my life. I feel I am now more at ease about the symptoms which have reduced dramatically. My therapist was kind, patient, and encouraging. She helped reduce the anxiety that often accompanied my episodes and pushed me to stretch my comfort zone so that I could work on my health – something a mom doesn’t often do. Thank you!” – Dawn, a VTSA graduate

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