1. This Therapy Made A Huge Difference

    "When my daughter, Who is normally an A student, had a significant disparity in her ACT and SAT scores we were wondering what the problem was. The Center for Vision Enhancement was an answer to our prayers we ended up enrolling both of our daughters just in time for college for one and the other to enter high school. This therapy made a huge and positive difference! A must try!"…Read More

    Lisa Hawkins
  2. Colby’s Parents Talk about Vision Therapy

    "It flows over to everything. His sports. Baseball, he has been getting more hits when he steps up at bat. He is able to catch the ball. He is the starting catcher for his little league team. He is able to throw the ball and throw to the person he is trying to throw to and get the ball there accurately. Just all aspects of everything we have seen him do is just so much more focused and precise it …Read More

  3. Center for Vision Enhancement vision therapy

    Bailey, a recent vision therapy graduate, has his parents talk about their experience with the program at Vision Therapy of San Antonio.…Read More

  4. Dylan graduates from Vision Therapy

    Dylan and Colleen talk about Vision Therapy. "He has gained so much confidence at school, in life, in sports. He has really gotten a lot more comfortable and willing to try new things, where as before we found a lot of frustration and giving up easily knowing that things were not really working how he had hoped."…Read More

  5. We are so thankful for the outstanding services

    "In the summer of 2008 our son Caleb, 9 years old, failed an eye exam at his pediatrician. This prompted us to set up an appointment at an optometrist. During this exam, the optometrist was having a hard time finding the right lenses that would help Caleb see clearly. She noticed that when he is tested with one eye covered he did well. She stated that he had conversion insufficiency. This is somet…Read More

    G.E. & L.E.
  6. Your program has made an enormous difference in Max’s reading

    "I simply cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for Max through your vision therapy program. I admit that I was initially a bit skeptical about the benefits of such a program but Melissa and I were at our wits-end. We knew that deep inside of our frustrated little boy there was a really smart kid. We read many books and visited countless websites for help with his reading, writing, an…Read More

  7. Thank you for changing my son’s life

    "I am writing this letter to tell you thank you for changing my son’s life. I cannot express my thankfulness in words but only by saying that this experience has been priceless. I now have a son that doesn’t get headaches every day. He now has energy and is not complaining of being tired. He has a spark in his eye that I have not seen before and is so much more outgoing. He is now able to lear…Read More

    N. J.
  8. We could not be happier with the results

    "Our son received Vision Therapy at Dr. Bloom’s office recently and we could not be happier with the results and the help we received from Dr. Bloom and Keasha. He is in first grade right now and previous to working on his convergence insufficiency he was really struggling with reading and it was becoming a real problem. We were very frustrated with it and really needed some help. After a few mo…Read More

    Bryan and Angela
  9. She is such a different child.

    "I wanted to take this time to thank you and Keasha for all the work you did with Katy. She not only enjoyed working with you both, but thrived and improved so much with your therapy. Katy's fourth grade teacher told me this year, that in 16 years of teaching, she had never seen any child improve as much through one year as she did see in Katy. You have such a unique approach. You both reminded me…Read More

  10. He sees clear pretty much all the time now!

    "I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Boom and Keasha for all your help this summer with Vision therapy. I just left Austins 1st grade teacher conference and his teacher was beaming! She's recommending him for the Gifted program and he's reading at a 3rd grade level and testing as if he's a 2nd grader. He told me he sees clear pretty much all the time now! We are so grateful and will be continuin…Read More

  11. They make things 99.9% better.

    "Griffin got his prism glasses yesterday. So far so good. He said, "They make things 99.9% better." He said he's not seeing double anymore close up but only a slight shadow. His reading with the glasses was almost unbelievable. I took a video of him reading with and without them....amazing difference. Thank you for your help with Griffin." Before After    …Read More

    Laura R
  12. We couldn’t be more impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and loving support

    "We are so thankful to Dr. Bloom and Keasha for all they have done to help our son, Alex. We couldn't be more impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and loving support. They have made a world of difference for our son! At the end of Alex's second grade school year, we became increasingly concerned about how he was going to manage the demands placed upon him in third grade. (He attends a privat…Read More